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Dog owner death planning: Who will care for your beloved pet when you die?

If you are like most pet owners, the last thing you ever want is for your pet to be without a loving caretaker if you end up outliving them. The sad reality is that according to Best Friends Animal Society, approximately 10 percent of animals in shelters are there because of the death or illness […]

No Dogs Allowed? Helpful Tips for Finding Dog-friendly Housing

One of the potential drawbacks of renting a house or an apartment is dealing with pet restrictions. Property owners often have good reasons for not wanting dogs on rental properties. For example, damage resulting from irresponsible dog owners may have soured the owner toward renting to people with animals forever. Though finding a pet-friendly rental is […]

Surrendering Dogs Due to Behavioral Problems: Try these things first!

Is your pet is exhibiting problematic behavioral patterns that are causing you to consider getting rid of him/her? You are not alone, but the good news is that there is hope! There could be many potential causes and many potential solutions to what your dog is experiencing. Here are some things to try first before […]