We help struggling dog owners so their beloved pups never end up in a shelter.

Are you considering surrendering your dog to a shelter due to financial struggles or other life circumstances? Please give us a chance to help you first!

Our mission is to connect loving dog parents with the resources, information, and support they need so that they don’t have to surrender their precious dogs to a shelter.

Because to your dog, there is no place like home.

As difficult and heartbreaking as it would be for you to surrender your furry family member to a shelter, it’s even worse for your dog. To a dog, losing a beloved family and going into a shelter is a devastatingly traumatic experience. Even the best no-kill shelters are very scary and stressful for a dog. In fact, the shelter setting itself can cause your dog to have severe stress-related problems like depression, anxiety, aggression, and even illness which may make adoption difficult or impossible.

All dogs deserve to live with a loving family for their whole lives.

Whatever struggles you are facing, the good news is that shelter surrender is not your only option. There are many resources available if you know where to lookwhich is why we are here. We want to make it easier for you to find the help you need so that your beloved pup never has to spend even a minute in a scary shelter.

NOTE: We are not a rescue or shelter and we do not provide direct financial assistance to pet owners. Instead, our mission is to connect people with the financial and rehoming resources currently available in the United States.


In the US, there are many nationwide as well as local-to-you financial and other resources available to help you care for your beloved furry family member so that you can stay together for the rest of your dog’s life. Click here for a list of resources.


We know that sometimes despite your very best efforts, it’s just not possible to keep your dog. That does not mean that a shelter surrender is your only option! Click here to see a list of rehoming resources you can use to find your dog a new family.

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If you are overwhelmed, confused, or in any way having trouble finding the resources and information you need in order to keep your dog or find your dog a new family, we want to help! We offer free consulting by email. Learn more here.


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