Pet Profile Tips

When posting your dog online, the profile is the most important thing to attract adopters and make sure you can make a good match.

Here are some tips for creating a profile for listing your dog online:

  • Take several good color photos of your dog. (Here are some tips.)
  • Prepare a brief but accurate description/biography. It’s essential that you BE HONEST and UPFRONT, even about things that you may view as negative behavioral or health issues! Full disclosure will help you find a new home that is a good fit for your beloved dog and decrease the chances of your dog being surrendered by new adopters.
  • Some things to include in a bio: Describe what makes your dog awesome! What are his/her favorite and least favorite foods, treats, and activities? Also, list any training your dog has had (house-, crate-, and/or obedience training) and any behavioral issues. And don’t forget to include details about how your dog gets along with other animals, children, strangers, as well as information about your dog’s medical history and current medical conditions and medications.