Does your dog have bad breath?


It’s a sad fact that 80% of dogs will have some form of periodontal (gum) disease by the age of 2! Not only can that result in tooth loss, it can also cause heart, lung, and kidney problems!

Since dental health is crucial to your dog’s overall health, it’s important to take care of your dog’s teeth and gums. Here are some ideas:

  • If your dog will tolerate it, use a gentle finger toothbrush with an enzymatic toothpaste specifically formulated for dogs (never use human toothpaste on a dog). You can also use organic coconut oil instead of toothpaste. (If your dog won’t tolerate brushing, there are sprays and wipes available. Ask your vet for suggestions.)
  • Find tooth-friendly dog toys and treats. Certain chew toys and treats are designed to control plaque, reduce tartar buildup, freshen breath, and help maintain healthy teeth and gums. And your dog will likely love them!
  • Consider a professional cleaning. Once the plaque on your dog’s teeth has turned into solid tartar or your dog’s gum disease has progressed past a certain point, your dog will likely need a professional cleaning done by a trained veterinarian.

Good dental care can extend your dog’s life so if you are concerned about your pet’s teeth (bad breath is often an indication something is not right), see your vet!

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